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Chimney Repair

When your chimney is properly working it is built to keep you safe and warm. But if your chimney lacks appropriate maintenance...

Brick Repair

Brick masonry is without a doubt timeless. Brick adds beauty, value, and character to any space. Do you want to add bricks to...


Do you notice the mortar between your bricks cracking or crumbling? When the mortar that holds your bricks together becomes...

Concrete Repair

Concrete surfaces are durable and multi-functional, but did you know without proper maintenance concrete can cause a lot...

Historic Brick Restoration

Historic restoration is about preserving the past. Preservation is what keeps the history alive today which otherwise is often...

Foundation Repair

Is your foundation cracking and crumbling? If so, applying a special coat of parging is often recommended to enhance appearances.

Commercial Brick Repair

Commercial masonry repairs, restorations and rebuilds must be conducted with utmost attention to detail. The finished...

Interior Brick Repair

At Turnbull Masonry we work hard to stay up to date with the building trends. That is why we also cater to the restoration...


We are dedicated to the historical restoration of  of Toronto.

Located in the Greater Toronto Area, Turnbull Masonry has been providing brick and masonry restoration and improvements since 2003. We specialize in servicing both residential and commercial customers.  At Turnbull Masonry, customers are valued above all else and they are always happy to hear from them whether the job is big or small.

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